Shri Sevaytan-A glimpse

Shree Sammed Shikhar the eternal supreme pilgrimage is well reverend as a place of devotion and salvation of millions of Muniraj and Thirthankars. Each particle of this land of salvation is venerable.

Strictly amazing the present predicament of villagers residing around this ever-worshipful area, bearer of glorious flag of Jain religion, is deplorable. 85% population is living below the poverty line and is forced to adopt such path for earning livelihood that the spirituality and environment of the supreme holy place are being diverged.

In order to maintain the venerability and natural structure intact, all round development of the residents is indispensable so that their living standard may improve. This will increase their reverence towards the land and relationship with the society. This will help them realize the greatness of supreme sacred place.

With the blessings of the supreme Jain Saint Acharya Guruwar Shri Vidya Sagar Jee Maharaj and holy inspiration of Muni Shri Praman Sagar Jee Maharaj, ShriSevaytan project has been initiated to fulfill the cause of maintaining the venerability and natural structure of this holy place.

Aims and Scope

  1. To bring the people residing on the most pious hill, down to the base giving them alternative employment.
  2. To make the people of surrounding fourteen villages of Madhuban healthy, educated, cultured, self-dependent and prosperous.
  3. Building self-help group for self-employment and co-operating in training and establishing cottage industry.
  4. Strengthening adult women education and making arrangement for employment to unemployed women.
  5. To establish a non-violent, addiction-free, friendly and courteous society.   

Milk Production Plan

  1. Cow Distribution Plan
  2. Training of dairy farming by Government
  3. Establishment of milk chilling plant
  4. Marketing and selling responsibility of Government .
  5. Compulsory minimum per head and per day income of Rs. 100/-
  6. Target of providing employment for 500 families.

Achievements so far

  1. Bagdaha the model village has been mad cent percent vegetarian
  2. Youths have been engaged in prohibition of intoxication and in rural development.
  3. Started non-violent and chemical-free agriculture.
  4. Drinking water has been made available by providing hand-pumps.
  5. Solar Lanterns have been provided to every family.
  6. Water has been made available for irrigation by repairing the canal, emerging from Anil Lake.
  7. Constructed the check-dam on Sita nala (rivulet).
  8. Campaign of literacy has been initiated through trained young men.
  9. The number of children in school has increased.
  10. 90% population of Bagdaha has been made literate.
  11. Medicines are being given to each family through Family Health Card.
  12. ShreeSevaytan has been awarded with the “Jharkhand Ratna” for its services.

Activities Operationalised

  1. Personality Development
  2. Literacy Campaign
  3. Health Camp
  4. Yoga Training
  5. Rural Beautification
  6. Training of “Art of Living”
  7. Adult education and Intoxication Prohibition Campaigns
  8. Training for non-violent and chemical-free agriculture
  9. Facilities of irrigation, electricity and drinking water.

How you can help this very cause?
You can help this very cause by providing financial support in any one of the following schemes:

  1. Estimated expenditure of setting stall on hill Rs. 21000/- per month.
  2. For making a family an ideal family Rs. 11000/- once.
  3. Being supporter of one family by contributing two cows Rs. 21000/-
  4. Being supporter of one family by contributing one cow Rs. 11000/-
  5. By contributing medicines for one day Rs. 1100/-
  6. Bhagwan Parshwanath Education Aid (for complete education of one child for a year) Rs. 1100/- per month.

Please contribute your assistance realizing the usefulness of above projects for maintaining the sanctity of and keeping the safety of supreme holy place. Kindly earn virtuousness and piousness by contributing for making the families residing around the hill to model families.

Please send  your financial contribution by cheque or bank draft in favour of “Shree Sevayatan” payable at Bank of India, Parasnath Branch, Code 4809 (Bank account No. 5140) or Bank of India, Hazaribagh Branch (Core Banking No. 481010210000001).

For any query Contact:
09431144900, 09431140177, 09431140443, 09470118671, 06558-232428

Or write to:
Kund Kund Marg
Sammed Shikharji
Distt. Girideeh PIN 825329 (Jharkhand India)


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